Uniswap [UNI] Bullish Rebound: Bulls Defend $4.87 Support Level Again

• Uniswap [UNI] retested the key $4.87 support level and buyers were able to defend it, signaling a possible bullish rebound.
• The RSI climbed out of the oversold zone and the CMF showed capital inflows into UNI’s markets.
• If buying pressure continues, bulls could target the $5.21 and $5.72 resistance levels in the short term.

Uniswap Retests Key Support Level

Uniswap [UNI] retested its key $4.87 support level recently, offering an opportunity for a bullish rebound. Bulls looked to rally from this support level as CMF stood at +0.15, signaling more capital inflows into the market. Bitcoin’s [BTC] 1.1% gains in the past 24 hours could spur a significant rally for Uniswap [UNI].

Defending Key Support Level

Bulls held firm on the first test of the key $4.87 support level to rally back above the $5.21 resistance. However, during a general market correction, prices were pushed back down to this key support level again and buyers defended it successfully once more as of press time with prices inching towards the $5.21 resistance level again .

On-Chart Indicators Hinting At Possible Bullish Rebound

The on-chart indicators supported this potential bullish trend with RSI climbing strongly out of oversold territory and standing at 50 while CMF showed significant capital inflow to markets with a reading of +0.15 at press time.. An increase in volume and buying pressure will see bulls target these two resistance levels -$5.21 and $5:72 – in the short term if successful .

Bearish Trend Could Be Continued With Retest/Break Of Key Support Level

Alternatively, sellers could continue Uniswp’s bearish trend if they successfully retest and break throught he key support level at $4:87 one more time.. On-chain metrics have been showing signs that buyers are intent on pushing for more bullish gains however so further price action will be required before any sustained bearish trends can become apparent .


In conclusion , Uniswap [UNI] is currently testing its important support levele at 4:87 after seeing some mild bullih gains previously – signalling an opportunity for another potential bullish rebound if buyers can defend this critical price point once again.. On-chain metrics are supportive of such an outcome but equally there is still potential for sellers to successfuly retest/break through this level which would confirm another bearish trend instead

Uniswap [UNI] Bullish Rebound: Bulls Defend $4.87 Support Level Again
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