Altcoin Optimism Sparks Controversy with ‚Law of Chains‘ Proposal

• Optimism [OP] has introduced a “Law of Chains” to open neutrality in the ecosystem.
• OP Stack is a series of modules working together for open-source development on the Optimism blockchain.
• Scott Sunarto, founder of Argus Labs, disagrees with the notion that the development was a pro for the blockchain.

Optimism’s ‚Law of Chains‘ Proposal

Optimism wants to create a permissionless module in order to commit to its Superchain mission. The “Law of Chains” proposal aims to protect users through decentralization and economic autonomy. This would enable an open source development on the Optimism blockchain using series of modules called OP Stack.


Following the Bedrock Hard Fork, Optimism launched its SuperChain which serves as a scalable network with communication and security layers. The Superchain will be made up of unified collective chains that uphold shared commitment to open decentralized blockspace.

Controversy in Community

The introduction of this new governance proposal has sparked arguments within the project’s community due restriction concerns surrounding OP Stack. Scott Sunarto, founder of Argus Labs, expressed his disagreement with this notion saying it won’t necessarily protect users and could lead to tyranny by OP governance when it comes to modification not following their canon.

Potential Impact

The Law of Chain and Open Source Development on Optimism Blockchain could potentially have huge impact on Ethereum [ETH], making it more efficient, secure and scalable for users worldwide. It also gives developers more control over their projects while offering greater protection than Ethereum currently does alone.


The Law of Chains v0 is an ambitious proposal from Optimism that could revolutionize how people interact with Ethereum and other blockchains alike if implemented successfully. However, further debate needs to take place within the community before any changes can be made as there are still some concerns around user protection that need addressing first

Altcoin Optimism Sparks Controversy with ‚Law of Chains‘ Proposal
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