Governador do Banco da Inglaterra elogia os Stablecoins e os CBDCs, atira um golpe no Bitcoin

A popularidade das Moedas Estáveis e as conversas sobre Moedas Digitais do Banco Central continuam a aumentar à medida que os jogadores mais comuns se apercebem.

Agora, esses dois tipos de ativos digitais parecem ter conquistado o coração do Governador do Banco da Inglaterra.

Durante seu recente discurso sobre o Stablecoins e o CBDC, o Governador Andrew Bailey opinou que o Stablecoins vinculado ao fiat poderia ser benéfico.

„Bens como o BTC não se adequam“

No entanto, o governador não foi muito cordial com outros ativos digitais como o Bitcoin Profit. Em sua opinião, esses ativos não facilitam a real certeza de valor e, portanto, não são adequados para um mundo de pagamentos onde essa facilitação é integral.

Espera-se que este tipo de conversa contra Bitcoin não seja uma coisa nova, especialmente vinda dos Bancos Centrais. Para começar, o crescimento aparente do Bitcoin ao longo dos anos deixou os governos nervosos, e faz sentido que os Bancos Centrais queiram fazer com que o BTC pareça fraco à medida que criam os seus próprios CBDCs.

Consenso Internacional

Continuando, o Governador Andrew disse que para que uma moeda estável global realmente decolasse, teria que haver um consenso entre os vários governos para adotar um marco regulatório comum em relação ao token.

Além de apoiar moedas estáveis, o Governador continuou a argumentar que as autoridades também estão à procura de formas de apoiar a infra-estrutura de pagamentos existente, como o RTGS (Real-time Gross Settlement).

O Conselho de Estabilidade Financeira e o G7

Aparentemente, os esforços para harmonizar as políticas globais relativas às moedas de carbono estáveis já estão em curso. De acordo com o governador, o G7 e o Conselho de Estabilidade Financeira estão a trabalhar num quadro cujos detalhes serão divulgados em breve.

Sugerindo sobre o assunto, Andrew Bailey disse que o Banco de Inglaterra está de acordo com um plano para apresentar um quadro regulamentar abrangente que irá governar as moedas estáveis de acordo com os seus níveis de risco, bem como com as suas funções. Isto promoverá a transparência e ajudará os detentores de participações na gestão do risco.

A practical example of Bitcoin escrow

One of the systems that has certainly made Bitcoin payments secure for customers and merchants is what is called Bitcoin escrow, a sort of security filter for the parties that use it so that they cannot fall into online scams.

An escrow is therefore a tool that acts as a link between two or more parties, regarding a payment, in this case in Bitcoin, allowing to block or freeze funds until the conditions of sale are fulfilled and both parties are satisfied.

Let’s imagine, for example, that a user wants to buy a good or service from an online seller, and that they accept Bitcoin. The amount in BTC sent to buy a product will be blocked until the seller provides the goods to the buyer and the buyer is satisfied.

This is a great method especially in case you are buying a service online, for example from a freelancer or if you are dealing with a seller or buyer you don’t know.

They may never finish the required work, do it wrong or do not ship any products. This way, instead, with the escrow you have an extra guarantee.

Using an escrow, which we can also call an escrow deposit, the buyer will not send the Bitcoins directly to the seller, but to a deposit, which the seller can check but the funds will be blocked until the buyer is happy.

Obviously this is just one of the uses of this system. In case of disputes the system provides an arbitrator who will decide whether to refund the buyer or proceed with the payment to the seller.

This escrow system with Bitcoin is actually the same mechanism that you find when using Paypal. In practice nothing new has been invented, simply the escrow has also been applied in the crypto world.

The system is used on several crypto platforms, like LocalBitcoin which has an escrow system to make transfers secure.

Even on the dark web is often used, to avoid problems like those that happened long ago with Empire Market, for example.

Bitcoin-Betrüger trotzen dem Versuch der kanadischen Behörden

Bitcoin-Betrüger trotzen dem Versuch der kanadischen Behörden, eine Warnung herauszugeben

-Behörden in Kanada haben eine Plakatkampagne gestartet, um Einheimische vor einem Betrug im Zusammenhang mit Kryptographie zu warnen.

Die Opfer erhalten Anrufe von Betrügern, die sich als Behörden und Regierungsbeamte ausgeben und um Zahlungen bei Bitcoin Code von Bitcoin-Geldautomaten bitten.

Bitcoin-Betrüger geben sich als lokale Behörden in Kanada aus, um die Opfer mit Krypto zur Steuernachzahlung zu verleiten.

Nach einem Bericht der Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Polizei in Regina, Saskatchewan, hat eine öffentliche Bekanntmachung im Zusammenhang mit einem Kryptogeld-Betrug veröffentlicht. Die neue Plakatkampagne warnt Einheimische vor einem Bitcoin-Schema, bei dem Betrüger sich als Regierungsbeamte und Polizeibehörden ausgeben.

SCAM-WARNUNG: Die Polizei, die kanadische Steuerbehörde, die Einwanderungsbehörde oder eine andere Regierungsorganisation werden NIEMALS Sie oder andere Personen mit Verhaftung bedrohen oder Zahlungen mit Geschenkkarten, Bitcoin oder Bargeld verlangen. Fallen Sie diesen Betrügern nicht zum Opfer; kennen Sie Ihre Rechte! SCHLAGEN SIE DEN BETRUG ZU!!
– Toronto Police Operations (@TPSOperations) 7. Januar 2020

„Normalerweise werden die Anrufe telefonisch entgegengenommen und die Betrüger werden dem Opfer mitteilen, dass sie von der CIA oder anderen Regierungsbehörden kommen und dass ihre SIN-Nummer kompromittiert wurde.

Den Opfern wird gesagt, dass sie einen der Bitcoin-Geldautomaten laut Bitcoin Code in der Gegend benutzen sollen, um Kryptogeld an die Betrüger zu schicken, um Strafen zu vermeiden.

Sergeant Berting kommentierte die Herausforderungen für die Polizei bei der Bekämpfung von Verbrechen mit Krypto-Assets

Sie sagte,

„Bitcoin ist für uns wirklich schwer nachzuvollziehen. Sie wird nicht auf die gleiche Weise überwacht oder reguliert wie andere Gelder, die über unsere regulären Finanzinstitutionen laufen. Daher stellt es für die Polizei eine Art Straßensperre dar, wenn es um die Durchführung einer gründlichen Untersuchung geht.

Die Behörden haben versucht, potenzielle Opfer zu vereiteln, indem sie Warnplakate in der Nähe von Bitcoin-Geldautomaten angebracht haben.

Cardano gets a boost with USD 250,000 IOHK funding

Cardano (ADA) has been somewhat forgotten in the last few weeks. The reason for this was the hype surrounding decentralized finance (DeFi). But now Cardano, or rather IOHK, a blockchain research and development company behind Cardano, comes with interesting news. IOHK today announced $ 250,000 in funding for Project Catalyst, an initiative to develop applications on Cardano.

Cardano is promoting its decentralization

Cardano is a decentralized, public blockchain that is completely open source. The network represents an infrastructure to develop applications directly on the Bitcoin Loophole blockchain itself. It is conceivable that developers could build on anything from infrastructure to market initiatives. By financing the Catalyst project, the necessary capital should now be available to implement the theoretical construct.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, said in a statement:

The fund, combined with its democratic voting system, enables every ADA holder to be involved in key decisions for the future of the ecosystem, ”said Charles Hoskinson, CEO of the IOHK, in a statement.

IOHK and Cardano are privileged to have a creative, dedicated and talented community behind them that shares our goals of democratizing finance and essential services.

ADA – Power to the people

The Catalyst project is an important step towards giving more control to the Cardano community itself. „Members can submit proposals for the future development of the Cardano Blockchain and use a new voting process to decide which proposals are to be funded,“ said IOHK.

Funding will come in the form of Cardano’s native cryptocurrency – ADA. While the first round of funding is capped at $ 250,000, the fund is expected to control about $ 70 million per year going forward.

The network participants will also have the opportunity to use their ADA as a means of voting on development proposals. „This is an exciting step forward in Cardano’s evolution as it is on its way to becoming a fully decentralized blockchain that is completely ruled by its community,“ added IOHK.

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Cardano’s ecosystem is extensive

The proposals are expected to have implications not only for the future of the Cardano ecosystem, but broader global issues as well. Previous proposals included an initiative for small solar-powered homes, a referral system to help offshore workers send funds to their families, and large-scale medical trials to identify treatments in medical emergencies. Each of these suggestions were powered and underpinned by the Cardano blockchain.

We are curious how Cardano will develop by the end of the year and how the ADA course will react. As always, we will keep you up to date.

Kiss front man Gene Simmons suggerisce che sta lavorando per rendere più accessibile la crittografia

Cosa potrebbe cucinare la rockstar per l’industria dei blockchain?

Rispondendo a un tweet di Cameron Winklevoss, co-fondatore del Gemini crypto exchange, la rock star Gene Simmons ha dichiarato di voler rendere più facilmente accessibili Bitcoin Trader ed Ethereum (ETH).

„È più facile comprare Bitcoin ed Ether se si è già nel vecchio sistema“, ha detto Winklevoss in un tweet del 15 settembre, riassumendo un filo piuttosto lungo che riguarda il pregiudizio razziale, la crittografia e la finanza decentralizzata. „Se non si dispone di un conto bancario, è difficile ottenere fondi in crypto“, ha osservato, aggiungendo: „Dobbiamo cambiare questa situazione“.

Ritwittando il post con un commento sul 15 settembre, Simmons, il cantante da prima pagina e co-fondatore dei Kiss, una rock band di successo, ha detto cripticamente:

„Lo farò. Io lo sono“.

Il commento sconcertante ha sicuramente lasciato il mercato a chiedersi cosa significasse esattamente Simmons. Il Cointelegraph ha contattato Simmons per ulteriori dettagli, ma non ha ricevuto alcuna risposta al momento della stampa. Questo articolo sarà aggiornato di conseguenza in caso di risposta.

Questa non è la prima occasione in cui Simmons

Questa non è la prima occasione in cui Simmons ha fatto riferimento alla più grande risorsa della crittografia. Simmons ha menzionato la sua visione positiva di Bitcoin nel settembre 2017. „Sono interessato a Bitcoin, ma solo come pezzo del puzzle [dell’investimento]“, ha spiegato la celebrità a The Street durante un’intervista di tre anni fa.

The Street ha pubblicato la sua intervista con Simmons il 15 settembre 2017 – esattamente tre anni prima della sua attuale risposta a Cameron Winklevoss.

Bitcoin ha raccolto commenti anche da altre figure mainstream nel 2020, come l’autore di Harry Potter J.K. Rowling, anche se lo scrittore ha espresso una notevole confusione sulla risorsa.

Pourquoi un marché baissier temporaire ne ramènera pas Bitcoin en dessous de 10000 $

La plate-forme d’évaluation des crypto-monnaies Weiss Crypto Ratings a évité les inquiétudes de nombreux utilisateurs de Bitcoin qui sont tous témoins actuellement de la tendance baissière qui a frappé le marché il y a quelques jours. Dans un tweet notable , Weiss est convaincu que la tendance baissière, supposée s’éteindre rapidement, n’est pas assez forte pour ramener Bitcoin en dessous de 10000 $ à court terme.

Au moment de la mise sous presse, la volatilité est toujours élevée pour l’actif numérique le plus valorisé, qui a diminué de plus de 10% depuis le début du mois. Au moment d’écrire ces lignes , Bitcoin vaut 10317 $ et selon Weiss, Bitcoin Up tient bon à ce stade. Une baisse en dessous de 10000 USD équivaut à une baisse de Bitcoin de près de 5,5% et à un échange avec un support antérieur autour de 9500 USD et 9800 USD. Mais Weiss est convaincu que la possibilité d’un virage baissier rapide n’est pas en vue.

Comme le dit le tweet:

«Les soldes de prix Bitcoin à 10 000 $. Nous ne pensons pas que BTC passera sous 10k de sitôt. »

En ce qui concerne Ethereum , Weiss affirme que le pic de prix de 10 000 $ BTC est simplement un support à court terme. «C’est du support, tout comme 350 était le support de l’ETH. Pour BTC, nous recherchons au moins un creux temporaire à court terme. » Affirma Weiss.

D’après les détails techniques sur Bitstamp, un rapide coup d’œil au graphique d’une semaine révélera que récupérer 11000 $ n’est pas impossible pour le grand taureau. De toute évidence, les haussiers tiennent bon avec un modèle de retournement haussier significatif précédant chaque interférence baissière.

Depuis le 6 septembre, chaque tendance baissière significative a été diluée par les haussiers qui ont réussi à maintenir le marché avec modération

Bien que la force de la défense n’ait pas été suffisamment cruciale pour favoriser une correction du mouvement des prix, Bitcoin est bien placé pour un flip de prix, au moins à une résistance antérieure de 10500 $ qui pourrait potentiellement devenir un support si une hausse notable du prix se produit.

Pourtant, sur le thème de Bitcoin étant propice, le nombre d’adresses de portefeuille contenant au moins 1 BTC a proliféré. 823000 est maintenant le nouveau record absolu pour les détenteurs de portefeuille 1-BTC. Bitcoin n’est pas le seul dans lequel les investisseurs de crypto-monnaie jettent leurs pièces, Ethereum a également connu une augmentation impressionnante des adresses. Et tout comme Bitcoin, les investisseurs d’Ethereum ont fermé les yeux sur la volatilité des prix.

Il n’est pas certain que Bitcoin casse les toits de 12000 $ comme il l’a fait au début de ce mois, mais la hausse des intérêts d’investissement est un autre indicateur organique que la valeur intrinsèque de Bitcoin est plus présente que jamais.